Downton Abbey Episode 7: Uncovered Secrets, Accepted Proposal, Shunned Lovers

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here. 

We begin at the train station, where Rosamund has arrived, summoned by the crisis with Edith. Violet meets her, and they discuss what they’re going to do, Violet deciding that they have no choice but to tell Cora about Edith and the child.

At morning tea, Violet is trying to get Cora alone so she can talk to her, when Mrs. Drewe arrives at the house, wishing to speak with Lady Grantham.

Charles Blake, Tony Gillingham, and Mabel Lane Fox excuse themselves to take a walk around the grounds. Mabel quickly leaves them to go back to the house, leaving Blake and Gillingham to discuss Mary. Blake tries to convince Gillingham to let Mary go, but Gillingham won’t, exasperating Blake.

Downstairs, Anna and Bates discuss a letter Bates received, telling him that the tenant in their London house is leaving. They discuss selling the London house and buying another house closer to Downton, which they could rent out until they’re ready to retire.

In Cora’s room, Violet and Rosamund have been unable to break the news about Edith because Mrs. Drewe beat them to it. Cora is livid that she hadn’t been brought into the loop on this and wants to know what each of them knew and when. Rosamund and Violet tell her the whole story. Cora agrees that they shouldn’t tell Robert until they’ve decided what to do about it.

Mrs. Hughes finds Mary and reminds her about Bates’ London ticket, which she gave her, and wonders if Mary still has it. Mary blanches when it is explained that is proof of Bates’ innocence, not his guilt, and confesses that she burned it. They are interrupted by the arrival of Atticus and his family. Rose tells Atticus about Edith’s flight, but swears him to secrecy.

Molesly, who has become something of a tutor to Daisy, tries to engage her about her studies. But Daisy is feeling depressed about the apparent failure of the labour government and wonders what the point of bettering herself is, if things are just going to return to the way they were before.

Baxter finds Bates and Anna and apologizes to them for talking to the police. When they ask her why she did it, she tells them she was in a difficult position, but neither seems ready to accept her apology.

At dinner, the Sinderbys get along very well with Robert and Cora, with Lady Sinderby openly hoping something happens with Atticus and Rose. Lord Sinderby is more guarded, knowing that the differences in their religions will be a problem.

At dinner, Atticus has an idea: won’t Edith’s publishing company know where she is?

Later in the meal, Isobel and Lord Merton announce their engagement, and everyone is thrilled and congratulatory.

Molesly and Patmore discuss Daisy, and how they can convince her to continue with her studies. Thomas comes in and suggests they enlist Mr. Mason in the cause, which they agree to do.

Upstairs, Mary suggests that Merton and Isobel have a dinner at Downton and invite Merton’s sons, so they can meet Isobel. Cora agrees this is a wonderful idea, and Isobel and Merton decide to go ahead with it.

Charles Blake tells Mary that she’s going to have to give Gillingham a clear message that it’s over and he may have a plan. What that plan is he doesn’t share with her yet.

Rose takes Cora aside and tells her Atticus’ idea about phoning Edith’s office. Cora agrees this should be done, but says she’ll go in person instead. Rosamund agrees to go with her and they decide to leave first thing in the morning.

The next day, while everyone is gone, Robert and Tom have a conversation in which Tom reveals he’s written to his cousin in Boston. Robert expresses his desire for Tom to stay, and Tom says it would be hard to leave. While they are talking, Robert notices that his dog Isis seems to continue to feel poorly, and goes to tend to her.

At Edith’s publishing house, Cora and Rosamund are demanding to know where she is. The secretary says she has no idea, but while Cora threatens to make a scene, Edith comes out of the back room and sees them. She says she doesn’t want to talk, but when Cora threatens to do the talking right there in front of everyone, she agrees to meet them in the tea room down the street.

In the tea room, Edith reveals that she was thinking of going to America and inventing a dead husband, but doesn’t want to leave the publishing house. She’s also thought of claiming Marigold as an orphaned godchild. Cora has a plan: the Drewes will make a show of not being able to take care of the child, and will bring her to Downton to be raised. Edith is excited by the plan, but wants to make sure no one tells her father the real story.

Mary visits Violet and tells her she knows the reason Violet’s not happy about Isobel and Merton is because of Isobel’s change of status. Violet says it’s not that, it’s that she and Isobel have been close companions, and she doesn’t want to lose that.

Baxter finds Anna and Bates and tells them that she’s willing to swear that she saw the ticket and that it was untorn. They seems dubious of this idea.

Mary gets a phone call from Charles Blake, who tells her he’s being sent to Poland for a while, but wants to see her in London the next day. He won’t tell her why. She agrees to meet him.

Cora and Edith are returning in the train with Marigold. Mr. Drewe is meeting them at the station to execute their plan. But when they see Mary on the platform they know they can’t be seen with Marigold, so they have Drewe take her to the next station. Anna sees Mr. Drewe and Marigold in the car as the train moves away.

Violet has tea with Isobel and Merton. As Merton leaves, Isobel tells Violet how much she appreciates her support. As they are talking, Spratt comes in. Citing his problems with Violet’s new maid, Denker, he hands in his notice. As he leaves, Violet says he’s just throwing a fit and won’t be going anywhere.

In London, Blake and Mary are in a movie theater. Blake takes them out early, where they wait in the hallway. Mary has no idea what is going on, until they see Gillingham and Mabel leaving another theater, and Blake kisses her. Tony sees them kiss, and tells Mary that he accepts that it’s over.

Daisy, Molesly and Baxter are having lunch at Mason’s farm. When told Daisy is thinking about quitting her studies, Mr. Mason is alarmed and begs her not to do it.

Back at Downton, Cora is explaining the Marigold plan to everyone, when Robert comes in carrying Isis. He announces that the dog has cancer, and won’t live long. Everyone is very upset, but they return to the earlier topic of conversation. When asked his opinion, Robert defers to Cora, and it is decided that Marigold can come live at Downton.

That night, Atticus, Lord Merton, and his sons have come to dinner. Larry, the oldest son, makes an ass of himself, denigrating Atticus, Tom and even Isobel, saying the differences in class will be the downfall of the marriage and they do not support it. When he insults the entire family, Tom calls him a bastard, and Robert throws him out of the house.

After dinner, Atticus takes Rose aside and says that since they’re already having to defend themselves they might as well plan to marry now. Rose joyfully accepts his proposal. In contrast, Merton and Isobel talk, and she is clearly having second thoughts about their marriage.

At bedtime, Robert tells Cora that she’s going to sleep in the dressing room with Isis, because he doesn’t think she’ll last the night. Cora won’t have that, and tells Robert to lay Isis on the bed so she can sleep between them, and die knowing she is loved.

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Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at

Chad Grayson
Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at
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6 Responses

  1. Melanie says:

    Does Edith really think she is fooling everyone? I bet Tom and Mary will have it figured out by the next episode.

  2. Gary Rider says:

    Maggie Smith shows again why she is regarded as one of the great actors of our generation in this episode. Incredible.

  3. EasternCounty says:

    Perhaps I missed something, but where did Pratt come from. He’s been Violet’s butler this whole season, but I don’t remember him in previous seasons. She seems so displeased with him that I wonder why she keeps him. Even knowing, as she said, that butlers are difficult to find, I can’t imagine her putting up with his snobbery and rudeness.

  4. Melanie says:

    I keep wondering if Spratt will have a bigger storyline sometime in the next few episodes and that is why he is appearing so much. It does seem strange that she puts up with his rudeness when she is so quick to call it out in other people.

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