Downton Abbey Episode 5: Passes, Rebuffs & Found Secrets …

This is a recap. There are major spoilers here.

A car arrives at Downton, delivering Lady Rosamund, who joins the others for tea. She’s come to talk to Edith, because Mary’s told her about her relationship with Marigold. Edith explains the situation with the Drewes and Rosamund is slightly appalled that this is a situation “of infinite danger to her reputation without an emotional reward to compensate.” Edith has no response to that. Rosamund asks to see the child, and Edith agrees.

Robert announces that he will be gone to a dinner Thursday night, but will return Friday whereupon Downton will host a cocktail party.

Later, Violet visits Dr. Clarkson and tries to enlist his help in breaking up Isobel and Lord Merton, telling him that Merton is simply playing at being interested in real things and Isobel will be bored if she marries him. Clarkson rightly guesses that Violet’s main objection is that the match will elevate Isobel’s station, but agrees to see them and tell her what he thinks.

Edith makes good on her word to take Rosamund to see Marigold. Mrs. Drewe is clearly not happy, but isn’t rude. When Rosamund tries to engage the child she makes her cry, and Mrs. Drewe takes her inside. Mrs. Drewe yells at her husband because he’s let Edith come so far into their lives that she feels no boundaries, but Drewe doesn’t know what to do about it.

In the village, Tom meets with Sarah Bunting. He tells her she’s made things too difficult and he needs to break things off “before one of us gets hurt.”

Sergeant Willis has returned and he’s brought Inspector Vina from Scotland Yard, and they want to talk to Mary and Anna. Mary backs up Anna’s story and says that she was shocked to learn that Green had died. Vina questions Anna more thoroughly and says that he believes her story, but she shouldn’t go anywhere.

In York, Rose is caught in the rain and is rescued by a young man who introduces himself as Atticus Aldridge. They talk and she finds out that his family emigrated from Russia, so she invites him to tea with her Russians.

Miss Bunting arrives at Downton to say goodbye to Daisy and Mrs. Patmore, telling them she’s taking a job at a school in Preston so will be leaving. Daisy is angry and blames Tom for not standing up for her. Bunting says she hopes Daisy will keep up with her studies, as she’s very talented.

Thomas finds Mrs. Hughes in the hall and wants to know why Willis and Vina keep questioning the Bates. Hughes says she’s not sure, and Thomas threateningly says that maybe he has something to say to the inspectors. Hughes tells him not to make trouble.

Cora receives a telephone call from Simon Bricker and tells Robert he’s coming on Thursday to take a picture of their painting for his book. Robert really doesn’t like the idea but does not forbid her from seeing him.

Daisy finds Tom and begs him not to turn his back on Miss Bunting. She reveals that Bunting is leaving, which was news to Tom and seems to upset him. Carson interrupts and yells at Daisy to get back to the kitchen, leaving Tom alone to consider what she’s said.

At dinner, Rose asks everyone if they know anything about Atticus Aldridge and reveals that his Father was just made a lord. Thomas comes in and is looking very unwell, which draws comment.

The next day, Violet is having tea with Rosamund and demands to be told what is going on with Edith and the child. Reluctantly, Rosamund tells her.

Edith finds Drewe and tells him she must see Marigold. Drewe tells her this is not possible as his wife is very upset and indeed, if Edith keeps pressing she might insist they move and take Marigold away altogether. Edith tells him she won’t allow it, and Drewe begs her to stay away.

Violet and Isobel are having luncheon with Merton and Dr. Clarkson. Merton is holding his own in the conversation and seems well-read on medical matters. Clarkson tells Violet that Merton isn’t faking it and that he thinks Merton and Isobel are well-suited. Violet reluctantly confesses that she agrees.

Tom finds Miss Bunting in the village where she is waiting on a car to take her to the train. She says she loves him, and would have been more to him is he’d let her. The two have their goodbye and Tom kisses her before helping her into her car and watching her drive away.

In York, Aldridge comes to the church to see Rose and she introduces him to Kuragin and his friend Nicolai. When the two are told Aldridge’s family came from Russia, they want to know when. When Rose tells him it was 1859 and 1871, Nicolai explodes and says they weren’t Russian, and storms off. Aldridge explains it’s because his family is Jewish, and they left Russia fleeing massive pogroms. As he leaves, he asks Rose is he can take her out to dinner in London sometime, and she enthusiastically agrees.

Mary has come to London to have dinner with Charles Blake. He brings Mabel Lane Fox with him and says he has a plan. He wants Mabel to take Tony Gillingham back, probably because that removes any danger of Mary getting back together with him. Mabel is angry and storms off.

Back at Downton, Baxter finds Thomas, who is obviously sick. She tells him he’s poisoning himself, but he won’t listen to just tells her it’s none of her business.

When she arrives for dinner, Violet pulls Edith and Rosamund aside and they come up with a plan. Edith will send Marigold to a school in France. Edith is obviously unhappy about this idea and wonders if it can be London instead, but Violet insists it’s too dangerous.

After everyone has gone to bed, Simon Bricker waits in the hallway for Baxter to leave Cora’s room. He goes into the room and makes a pass at her, telling her that they both know there’s something between them. Cora rebuffs him, but just then Robert comes home unexpectedly. Bricker tells Robert that since he’s given Cora no attention he can’t be surprised that another man would. Robert hits him and the two end up rolling around on the floor, fighting. They stop when Edith comes to the door, wanting to know what’s going on. Cora gets rid of her, then Bricker. Robert angrily tells her he’ll be sleeping in the dressing room.

The next day at the cocktail party, Cora tries to engage Robert in conversation, but he is visibly cool to her, which Violet notices.

Afterward, when everyone has gone to bed, Edith goes downstairs to use Carson’s phone. She asks the operator to make a call to London …

Burning questions: What exactly is Thomas doing to himself? Is anyone actually thinking of what is best for Marigold when make their plans for her? Who was Edith calling in London?

Downton Abbey airs as part of Masterpiece Classice every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on KIXE CHannel 9.

Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at

Chad Grayson
Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at
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5 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    I love the recap, it’s a way to enjoy the episode one more time. Thank you.

  2. Melanie says:

    I just have so many questions! Is Thomas going to be ok? Did Anna kill Green? And for goodness sake why doesn’t Edith just tell Mrs. Drewe the truth so she can visit her daughter?!

    • Melanie, I share your question about Edith. Good grief! Every person in that family has made mistakes, and they might be able to understand and feel some compassion for Edith’s affair and resulting child.

      I feel bad for Mr. Drewe having to keep that secret from his wife, and I wish Edith would just spill the beans and tell her family about Marigold.

      But by now, the Drewes look upon Marigold as their own .. and to Marigold, they are her true parents. Either way, it’s going to be painful and messy in the end.

      And downstairs, Mr. Bates. Do you think we will learn that someone out of the realm of belief – like Mary, or Anna – was the murderer? I can’t bear for Mr. Bates to go to prison again.

      I guess I must wait and see, like everyone else. 😉

      • EasternCounty says:

        If I were a Downton Abbey creator, I would have Marigold’s father found — he’d been held captive all this time in my rendition — he’d find Edith, they’d marry, and Marigold’s parentage would come to light. Have any of you looked at photos of the various actors in the series? Edith is beautiful as are Anna and Daisy. Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore are much prettier in real life than on the series. Pretty good make-up artists to make them look so dowdy.

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