Gazpacho – Chilled Summer Soup


Summertime is tomato time!

Take a stroll through a farmers market and you will easily find all the ingredients for gazpacho.

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish chilled soup that is served in the summer months to highlight the harvest. Easy to make, and can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days, the flavors truly enhance over a little time. Gazpacho can be a refreshing light dinner during our sweltering summer, serve with a lovely cheese platter and bread sticks. Enjoy!



7-8 medium red tomatoes
1 medium cucumber
4 garlic cloves
2 inches of a French baguette-remove crust
3 teaspoons chopped fresh basil
1/2 cups cold water
2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
6 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1 tablespoon kosher salt
Pinch of ground cumin
Fresh ground black pepper
Red and green peppers for garnish (optional)

Soak bread in water for a few minutes, squeezing to dry and discard water.
Cut tomatoes into wedges. Peel, seed and dice the cucumbers. Mince garlic.
Combine all of the veggies with bread. Using an immersion blender, food processor, or regular old blender, blend until smooth, or the texture that you prefer. Pour through a sieve into a large bowl.

Add basil, oil, and vinegar and whisk until well mixed. Season with paprika, salt, cumin, and pepper.

Chill in fridge for at least three hours and then serve.

Andrea Charroin was a trained baker and pastry chef in San Francisco before she and her family moved to Redding 11 years ago. After falling in love with Redding’s downtown, Andrea and husband Westley opened a little pastry shop, Rene-Joule Patisserie, across from the Cascade Theatre. For the three years Rene-Joule was in business, it was renowned for making everything from scratch, using the best ingredients and keeping with a seasonal menu. To this day, Andrea is asked about her Marathon Bars, Orange Twists and sourdough bread.

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Andrea Charroin
Andrea Charroin is a trained baker and pastry chef. She worked in San Francisco before she, her husband, Westley, and their two sons moved to Redding. They fell in love with Redding’s downtown and opened a little pastry shop, Rene-Joule Patisserie.
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9 Responses

  1. Tapas Downtown says:

    This recipe looks yummy. At Tapas we are featuring Gazpacho of many varieties all summer. Chef Ryan Klemek has been given free reign and is coming up with some absolutely wonderful versions that include mango or apples or watermelon. All raw ingredients.

    On hot summer days when you aren't moving too fast or burning too many calories Gazpacho is the perfect food to get refreshed and nutritiously satisfied.

  2. Pat j. says:

    My chef friend from Isadore's in Manteca, CA. brought me a wonderful batch of Gazpacho. I heated some of it and served it over Angel Hair. DELISH !!!

  3. Mom says:

    Sounds so refreshing….our tomatoes are almost ripe so this will be a perfect use for some of all time favorites at our house….home grown tomatoes.

  4. Loves to Eat says:

    Can you please direct me to a place in Redding that sells "smoked paprika'?
    Your recipe sounds heavenly! Thanks for reminding us how refreshing this cool dish can be on a hot afternoon in July/August 🙂

    • Tapas Downtown says:

      You should be able to find in most markets, it's fairly common.

      Moores Flour Mill is likely to carry.

      If not try laTienda .com

      or I'd be happy to supply you from Tapas spice shelf, I regularly use 4 paprikas

      3 from spain and 1 hungarian – sweet.

  5. Judy salter says:

    I cannot find it either. Order off the net?

  6. Hi Judy and Loves to eat. Thank you for your question regarding smoked paprika, also called Spanish paprika. There are several online sources that can help your search, I use Penzeys
    They have an amazing variety of unusual spices that will add a lot of zing to your dishes!

  7. Anna says:

    I found Smoked Paprika here in Redding at the Kitchen Place on Hilltop. I think I grabbed the last bottle today, but I told the person at the counter when I checked out that they'd want to be sure to order more because people are on the lookout for it here in Redding and I was going to post it here. I made the Gazpacho tonight and it's chilling in the fridge as I type. I'm very excited to have this because I love Gazpacho, have been running out of ways to use all the tomatoes from the garden, and I needed a good Gazpacho recipe! Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

  8. Oh, Anna, I am so glad that you found the Smoked Paprika here in Redding! Thank you so much for sharing such good information to everyone at FFT!

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