The wait is over: Chita Johnson & Logan Grimes disco


Here it is, KRCR weather reporter Chita Johnson as she discos with her professional dance partner, Logan Grimes.

Ever since July 12, after Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style, Chita's name has been searched every day on our site, sometimes as few as one or two times a day, other days as often nine, 10, 11 times or more a day. 

Search no more, Chita fans. Here's her disco, complete with the raincoat that she ditches, and the splits. Logan's something, too. This photo of him above was taken in May. Watching him in this video is like seeing a grown man, not the 17-year-old guy he really is. Maybe he did grow during those months, which would explain pants so snug that there was some concern he might not be able wriggle into them on show night.

I don't know why I bother writing these words. You've all gone, haven't you? You've already clicked on Chita and Logan's video.  You're there now, aren't you?

Maybe afterward you'll return here to see what you missed. If so, you'll read this part where I thank Shasta Family YMCA and Shasta Women's Refuge for hosting such a great fundraiser, and I thank all the professional dancers, most of whom were high school and college students, all of whom put their lives on hold, missed out on summer jobs and dedicated two months to teaching a bunch of non-dancers (like me) how to dance, or pretend to dance for one night. Thank you to the Cascade Theatre staff for being such great hosts in Redding's most beautiful historic theater.

I also thank Mike Burke for the photos, and Jeff Adams of Adams Productions, who broke out all the dances into 12 segments, exclusively for us here on Food for Thought: A News Cafe (sans the rest of program, which lasted more than two hours). I thank the audience who paid to see this benefit that raised money for a pair of great community causes. I thank Staci Bertagna for inviting me to join the Dancing with the Stars Shasta County Style team. This commitment challenged me to push myself to my absolute physical limit. But most of all, it allowed me to have fun, meet some great people and make new friends, such as my fellow dancers who were such good sports that they allowed me to post their dances on Food for Thought: A News Cafe. Thank you! 

There's nothing left to say, except watch Chita and Logan's video. They'll inspire you.


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  1. "Wow Chita, you go girl" How wonderful for us to be able to view this at home since we were out of town when the show premiered. "Big Congratulations Chita"

  2. Gosh, Chita should try out for a musical on Broadway. She is good. She is a good weather person, but I think she should try out for show biz. Wonderful dancer.

  3. Chita K that was great. All you your family and friends in Tennessee are so proud of you. You always have been a wonderful dancer. We miss you.

    Aunt Judy

  4. That is great, Chita! I'm so glad I got to see it! I'll make sure all your cousins here see it!! Love you!


  5. you rock Chita , that was great!!!

  6. Unbelievable! That was awesome. I am glad I got to see it. Love Ya

  7. Beautiful dancing Chita Katherine...You've come a long way from shaking a tamborine on your hip when you were four years old in the Upland, CA Christmas parade...LOVE YOU...Mother and Dad

  8. Chita you did a great job!!! I am so glad I got to see it!!! :) YOU ROCK!

  9. You're so hot Chita!

  10. You got some huge tits!

  11. Take Chita back. She's all fake, terribe at her job, and unliked in Houston.


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