Or So it Seems … Saying Goodbye To Books


I lugged two boxes to my classroom, my arms aching. Once there, I spread out scores of books on the table in the front of the room. “Take one or two,” I said. “There's some good stuff here.”   My students exchanged puzzled glances, and then a couple darted forward. A few others cautiously joined [...] Read More


Man Brandishes Gun During Dispute at Redding Safeway(0)

On Wednesday at 12:21 p.m. a Safeway employee at 2275 Pine Street, observed two male adults arguing in front of the store. One of the men produced a handgun and pointed it at the other male, and it ...


Board of Supes – 4/22: Library Report; Sundial Bridge Celebration; Keswick Water; Pot Grant(0)

In a light meeting on this day, the Board of Supervisors received the annual report of the Shasta Public Libraries, delivered by Kimberly Niemer, Director of Community Services for the City of Redding...

Letter to the Editor

Redding’s Stillwater Should Welcome Sriracha to Grow Chilies; Bottle Sauce(6)

By Belinda Sanda
The Stillwater Water Business Park has been in the news looking for it's first tenant. How about contacting Huy Fong Foods, the manufacturer of  Sriracha "Rooster" Hot Sauce, to see if they'd like t...

Community Announcements

A Haven for the Most Needy Creatures(2)

Chic Miller of Bella Vista Farms Animal Sanctuary didn't think twice about scaling a cliff in a freezing downpour to reach a quivering dog stuck on a ledge. Likewise, she's forged creeks, climbed unde...

Heaven on Two Wheels(5)

“God wired us a little bit differently than everybody else.” —Invocation by race chaplain Fred Sumrall at the Shasta Dam Grand Prix, Sunday, April 13 Seconds after being informed that there were...

Community Announcements

Rolling Hills Casino Remains Focused on Guest Experience and Community Partnerships Through Tribal Transition(2)

The Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, the governing body of Rolling Hills Casino, is in the midst of changes in tribal leadership and membership. This includes the disenrollment of some members and re...

Community Announcements

Girls Inc. NSV Celebrates Community Leaders at May Day Tea(0)

Girls Incorporated of the Northern Sacramento Valley invites the public to May Day for the Girls, an afternoon tea to honor strong, smart and bold leaders of the north state and to thank Girls Inc. NS...

Community Announcements

Shasta County Schools to Celebrate Bike to School Day(0)

Thirteen Shasta County schools will join schools from around the nation to celebrate Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 7.  Participating schools include Anderson Heights, Anderson Middle, Cypress...


Where’s Our Compassion for Women and Children?(6)

We need to do a little soul searching in the good old USA. We need to come to some understanding about why we care so little about women and children. Why do we put up with a situation where there are...

Community Announcements

Horses Get a Doctor’s Special House Call – Veterinarian Gives Budweiser Clydesdales a Check-up(1)

Ten important horses got their semi-annual physicals yesterday in Red Bluff. The Budweiser Clydesdales, who are in town for the Red Bluff Round-Up, were looked over by their “doctor”, Dr. Steve Ad...


Walkability: How To Revitalize Redding One Step At At Time – Part One of a Series On Jeff Speck’s Walkable City(0)

By Michael Kuker
Shasta Living Streets sometimes gets described as a bicycling group. While we advocate cycling, it’s just a portion of our platform. Our full platform can be found in our name—living streets. Stre...


Free Therapy # 35: The Rooms of the Mind(6)

In my last blog I explored the two rooms of the mind, the courtroom and the science room or laboratory. In the first room we find a judge, critic or evaluator who uses the blunt tools of goodness, bad...


Or So it Seems … Up on the Rooftop(9)

Once a year, in April, my house tries to kill me. That's when I go to the rooftop to prance around, attempting to revive my aging swamp cooler. Sure, I'm up there in the fall, too. But it's no problem...

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Love in the Middle
"I don't have a middle initial," she tries to submit the form, but the computer highlights in red her namelessness.I feel her begin to crawl up into herself, chameleoning into my couch."Shouldn't I have a middle name?" she asks."Not everyone has one," I try to make this...

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