A Mother’s Plea: Where is the Help for Shasta County’s Mentally Ill?

Homeless. Mentally ill. Drug-addicted. These are words we all see everyday, especially with those problems so affecting Redding at this time. But do you have a face to put on those words? I do. My son. Believe it or not he was once an advanced placement student and athlete who loved sports from the time [...] Read More

Arts and Entertainment

American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered(5)

By Chad Grayson
Modern pop culture has a tendency to see Bing Crosby as "that guy who comes out once a year to sing 'White Christmas.'" The new installment of the American Masters series, Bing Crosby Rediscovered, se...

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Autumn Gales and Tough Old Ladies(26)

What shall I write about? I wondered just now. I can hardly think for the sound of the howling wind outside... Ah, that's it! The wind! You might not think a lot can be said about a blowy day, but aro...


Thanksgiving Calls for Favorite Recipes(2)

Editor's note: this is a best-of A News Cafe column that originally ran on November 23, 2010. My pink house isn't finished enough yet for me to host a meal, so it's the sisters' Thanksgiving event ...

Community Announcements

Turtle Bay Welcomes New Pond Turtles(0)

Turtle Bay Exploration Park recently welcomed four baby Western Pond Turtles. Turtle Bay is part of a Conservation Program with Sonoma State, San Francisco Zoo, and Oakland Zoo to help native pond tur...

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Community Advocate Known for High-End Custom Guitars(3)

Jason Schroeder unlocks the door of his south Redding guitar workshop and steps into the unassuming, sunlit space. He’s just come from a meeting with businessmen Ed Rullman and Mike Dahl – wearing...

Community Announcements

Shasta Historical Society Receives Governor’s Historic Preservation Award(2)

The Shasta Historical Society received the Governor's Historic Preservation Award from Governor Brown for the documentary, The Wright Time: A History of the Pilgrim Congregational Church. This award...

Community Events

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and Shasta State Historic Park Partner for the Annual “Old Time Holiday” Celebration(0)

The National Park Service and California State Parks are gearing up for their annual “Old Time Holiday” celebration on Saturday, December 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Follow in the footsteps ...

Best of

Wreaths of the Season 2014(0)

The beauty of the garden in winter is a unique pleasure: fragrant, fresh evergreens, bright berries, frosty mornings. Photo: Frosty Indian hawthorne on a cold North State morning. Seasonal greens, win...


Just Sayin’: Of Death and Taxes(5)

Well, there you have two subjects that I bet just made you just want to pop open this blog and get right to it! These are two subjects with which each and every one of us has to deal in some form or a...

Arts and Entertainment

Nature: My Life as a Turkey(3)

By Chad Grayson
All of us have, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to live another life: to survive Hell Week with the Navy SEALS, to become a famous pop star, to disappear into a foreign country ...


DUI/Driver License Checkpoint(0)

The Redding Police Department will conduct a DUI and driver license checkpoint within the city limits of Redding on Tuesday, November 25th. The Redding Police Department does not announce the time or ...

Community Announcements

Performers Wanted at Winter Rink Downtown(4)

The City of Redding is looking for musical talent to come and perform at the Winter Rink Downtown. There will be a stage set up and we are looking for a variety of groups to come and perform on the ev...


Mistress of the Mix: Thankful(18)

I feel sorry for Thanksgiving. It's a great holiday. So unique, so North American, so full of mashed potatoes and gravy. It's such a warm and fuzzy holiday that bridges the gap between the Christian ...


Writings of a Wanderer: Whirlwind Trip to Italy Begins in Naples(0)

In October, my husband Richard and I celebrated our marriage with a honeymoon in Italy. It was our first trip to Europe. It was the adventure of a lifetime. We created our own itinerary, which include...

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Gift of Presence
The special quality of the light at this time of year always reminds me of my father, and the time that we spent together in …...

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